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The Traveling Man:

The Real Dominican Republic

In this documentary author Edgar Alan Cole explores the Dominican Republic, discovering what life is really like in this beautiful country. Not only does he experience the breath-taking views, beaches, and cuisine, he also digs deep into the history and real lives of the people in the country. Take a trip to this land of paradise thru the eyes of a writer and filmmaker. You will think you were there yourself...


Documentary Series

Grinding for Greatness Episode IV: Building the Brand

Check out the final episode featuring author, Edgar Alan Cole as the case study. After becoming an Amazon Bestseller, his grind became legendary. This documentary will definitely leave you inspired, informed, and entertained. God bless! 

Grinding for Greatness Episode III: Hustling for Others

In this episode the team takes time out to help out at the Second Harvest Food Bank. Giving back is what we inspire everyone to do.

Grinding for Greatness Episode II: The Art of Multi-Hustling

This episode focuses on the art of multi-hustling.  You are guaranteed to be inspired, informed, and entertained.  The hustle is getting greater...



This epic, documentary series examines the lives of independent artists and entrepreneurs fighting to make their dreams become reality.  The first episode begins with author, Edgar Alan Cole.  Edgar is on the verge of finishing his second book when disaster strikes.


Short Films

TF II: The Bad Guy

This is the sequel to Talking Funny. Guss confronts the guy who has been ripping him off. If you were in Guss' position, what would you do? Would you be considered a bad guy for your decisions? Watch the feature and decide for yourself... Directed by Writer EAC



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