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One Team Publishing & Films is a team of artists and entrepreneurs that are on a mission to create products and services that inspire, inform, and entertain our audience.  The dynamic concept of One Team Publishing & Films is that we have no employees or customers, only members.  Members of One Team have their own dreams that they're trying to turn into reality.  One Team only has members who share like interests such as creating products and services that reach the masses, becoming entrepreneurs and financially independent; motivating others to accomplish their dreams as well; and  change the lives of many.  Our members consist of writers, authors, filmmakers, musicians, producers, graphic artists, small-business consultants, and a variety of other professionals. 


One Team also offers a variety of publishing and film services such as book publishing and film/video production.  Our CEO, Edgar Alan Cole, M.B.A., has an extensive background in business and offers small-business consulting services as well.  We are proud of the work that we do at One Team.  The concept of our company is helping others win, while winning ourselves.  Teamwork is the key to success, and that is why our company heavily promotes it.     

Once you work with One Team as a client, partner, or consumer, you are part of the winning team!  We are a big family that helps others live out their dreams.  By becoming affiliated with One Team, you have an arsenal of highly-intellegent individuals who will go out of their way, to see you accomplish your goals. Contact us if you want to know more about our services or have a project in mind. 

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