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Here are the latest books from One Team Publishing & Films Bestseller!

The Last Society

ISBN-13: 978-1541215276

At the beginning of the 21st century, mankind was at its best. No other society in history had more wealth, resources and technology. Unfortunately this great abundance has led to the destruction of this great civilization. Many have come to believe that we are witnessing the fall of the last society. This shocking anthology examines the lives and issues, taking place during this time in four short stories:

Meet Ron. He’s a stressed-out homicide detective, working the mean streets of Detroit. Ron is trying to catch a heinous serial killer, while dealing with his own demons.  

The beautiful Sinderella’s life changed for the better, when she married the pastor of a mega church. The first lady has been hiding a deep secret the entire time. She’s an out-of-control nymphomaniac.

Fresh out of business school, Travis lands his dream job as an accountant in New York City. His dream quickly becomes a nightmare, when he finds out he’s been laundering money for organized crime.

When Jordan turned 18, she moved to Hollywood and escaped an abusive father. She becomes a big star, but things take a dark turn. The fine print on her contract comes back to haunt her.

These short stories will leave you speechless at the end of each one. Be prepared for the extreme with every turn of the page. WARNING: When it comes to the last society, anything goes… Bestseller!

Confessions of a Contract Killer

ISBN-13: 978-1541156425



Does street justice really exist? Just think about it for a minute. Who do you turn to when justice has failed? The underworld settles its disputes through contracts. If you get out of line, a contract for murder is taken out. There are exceptions to the rules. Some criminals hide amongst ordinary people, and the underworld comes looking for them. You are about to witness four tales of street justice that will have you rooting for the killer. You don’t think this is possible? When a pedophile, serial killer, and others escape justice, it’s time to call Jack.



If you live in London, you never want a visit from Jack. He lives in Brixton and has been quietly cleaning up the streets for years. Some of the most heinous criminals to walk the earth have been killed by Jack. If you let him tell it, Jack believes that he’s doing God’s work. On the other hand, Father Patrick believes Jack is a sick maniac, who confesses his crimes to him for forgiveness. With each confession the two of them go deeper, into a world neither of them want to go... Bestseller!
Reporter from Hell

ISBN-13: 978-0692399286

At an early age Isaiah King thought he had it all. He had a loving family that spoiled him rotten, and his neighborhood was full of hustlers and wise guys that he greatly admired. As he started to get older, Isaiah quickly realized that his family and neighborhood held deep, dark secrets that would eventually rule his life.


After witnessing a murder nothing would ever be the same for him. His life would become a living hell. Isaiah gives the reader a vivid, eyewitness account of what it's like to be a good kid growing up amongst so many negative influences. After reading this novel, you will never be the same. This amazing novel peaked at #7 on's Bestsellers List for Urban Fiction.

From No Collar to a White Collar

ISBN-13: 978-1463565848

This book is a blueprint for creating a six-figure income by setting realistic goals. It contains the 10 keys of knowledge essential for success, an outline for creating a business plan, three case studies from entrepreneurs who have created a six-figure income, tips for finding free money for your business, and much more.


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