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How to Start a Great Business

From my perspective hustling is the new normal. When I say the word “hustle,” I’m not referring to any illegal activity or running a scam. My definition of hustling is a legal activity that involves a person improving his or her financial situation. The days of spending 30 years on a job and retiring are over. You have to use your creativity and be innovative when it comes to making money.

My first blog had to focus on the passion I have for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is what kept food on my table when I lost my job. When I had to get money on my own is when I discovered the hustle. I was able to turn $50 into a booming business.

Instead of working for a boss, I am the boss doing what I love. Now that the company is established, I have time to focus on making others entrepreneurs. I love to inspire others and see people win. That had to be one of the reasons God put me on this Earth. Besides inspiring others to make money, I’m now focused on creative writing. My goal is to create some of the best fiction the world has ever read or seen.

You see where entrepreneurship can lead? I’m living out my dreams! Anybody can do it. The process is that simple, really. Actions speak louder than words. Start a business and see what happens.

Edgar Alan Cole, M.B.A.

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