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Why Do I Grind?

What is the purpose of Grinding for Greatness? Is it all about me publishing a book? No! Grinding for Greatness is a documentary series I created to do three things: inspire, inform, and entertain. I want the audience to see what it looks like to turn your dreams into reality. How many of us have had a dream and given up? I’ll be the first one to say that I have. Why? Because I let doubt, adversity, and life get in the way. Once I stop letting the trials and tribulations of life stop me from my dreams, I started turning my reality into something grand and fulfilling.

This is the life of a legal hustler. Our money doesn’t come as fast as others. We don’t cut corners or put ourselves at risk by doing things that can take our freedom or lives. I grew up around nothing but illegal hustlers. I looked up to those guys. I have to admit it. These guys were more influential to me than my own father. Why? I would see my father work himself to death, and the company he worked for still laid him off. The only thing I saw my street hustlers do was get money and a lot of it.

Something that changed my life was when my favorite hustler ended up with his head blown off. That’s when I realized there has to be a better way. I started studying more; graduated from high school; went in the Army, got out of the Army; got a couple degrees; got a great job; got laid off (just like my father); and decided to start a business. 20 years later, here I am. As you can see, the road of a legal hustler is not an easy or quick route to success. But I’m a very successful in my own lane, and I just want to motivate and inspire others to live out their dreams. Grinding for Greatness is about anybody who is trying to make their dreams come true. The road won’t be easy, but it is very rewarding at the end of the day. I know some view my positive spin on life as unrealistic, since I don’t spend my time talking and promoting negative things. If you knew anything about me, you would know that I spent too much of my time doing negative things and living a savage life.

When I truly accepted the plan God had for me, I realized that the path I was on was going to take me to prison or the grave yard. Honestly, I don’t want to see anymore of my brothers and sisters in those situations. That is why I try to show people the positive side of hustling and how to handle themselves when adversity tries to take them down. I’m still on this journey like everyone else. I have my good days of hustling, and God knows I have my bad days. At the end of the day, I know I’m on the right path, and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from reaching my greatness.

If you are afraid of failure or the rough road to reaching your goals, remember what the Word says: God didn’t give us the spirit of fear. Grinding for Greatness is the blueprint to changing your life one dream at a time. Check out the episodes in the documentary section of this website when you get a chance. I hope you decide to step out on faith and Grind for Greatness.

Edgar Alan Cole, M.B.A.

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