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Dead Man Walking

I decided to leave my body. My spirit is far from my physical form. The body moves, speaks, and carries on as usual, but I am not there. The last blow sent my chi tumbling. No more will I feel the pain of rage, destruction, and being left with nothing. Bullets penetrate the flesh, but I don’t feel it. The love was thrown in the trash, but I still don’t feel it. The spirit ascends enough to be numb but close enough to keep the vessel moving. Finally the drone feels its autonomy and launches an attack. The drone destroys everything in its path, even the innocent that posed no threat. Even after the destruction, the adversary isn’t dead yet?

All of this destruction and look what I have done. The monster I pointed at returned the favor, and I noticed three fingers pointing at me. They said, “You decided to leave the faith, because your eyes couldn’t see? How can a tree grow if you destroy the seed?” I’ve become what I hated the most, as the adversary celebrates with a grand toast. My spirit tries to descend back into the physical, but my neglect has caused damage to the mental. I was too high in disconnection to control the situation. My flesh and soul are responsible for mass devastation. The spirit attempts to stop the physical from stalking, but it’s too late. The flesh is in control, and I just saw a dead man walking…

Never destroy the spirit due to pain the flesh endures. The flesh is only temporary, but the spirit lives forever. Always keep God first and protect your spirit at all times. The flesh should never be left in control.

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