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The Winner's Circle

Victory doesn't always mean recognition with accolades and praises. Sometimes winning is simply weathering the storm. If you faced adversity that was meant to destroy you but didn't, that is definitely a win. If you failed but refused to quit, that is definitely a victory. Some forms of winning are internal instead of external for everyone to notice. Every cloud that forms over your head isn't meant to leave you soaking in water. You have to remember that nothing grows without nourishment. The water falls from the heavens to often wash the dirt off our flesh and replenish our souls.

Take a victory lap even if no one is watching. We wake up everyday with a target on our backs. Little voices enter your mind saying, "Why are you still trying? That shit is not going to work. You're going to fail again. This shit will never end. Why do you keep losing?" Overcoming your own thoughts is often a victory. Tell yourself that negative energy is not going to dwell in your spirit. If you are a winner, then act like it! Don't let the bullshit stop you from achieving your goals in life. Keep fighting and know that God made you a soldier and not a surrender to failure.

Refuse to lose and keep fighting for your victory, even if it's just fighting doubt in your mind.

Be the greatest winner you can by always weathering the storm. When the storm blows over, victory can be claimed by knowing you were strong enough to survive it. Survival is just half the battle. Learning and recognizing the strengths you gained from the storm is another level of victory. Embrace the storm and claim your victory...

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